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origo design studio

taking your business to the next level through the wildest ideas, led by strategic thinking.



I’m an emerging visual designer and strategist with a few years’ freelancing experience. driven by a restless spirit and endless curiosity, I assure you I won't leave the wildest idea unexplored!

from visuals for upcoming startups, to full rebrands for NGOs, I love working with energetic, defiant companies who break the rules and laugh in the face of convention – the risk takers!

let's reinvent the future together?


visual identity
brand strategy
graphic design
editorial design
goods packaging
front-end design


what others say

thanks for the nice way of working together on all the wonderful designs of the summit. you are one of the most nice-to-work-with and accurate designers I know. It was a pleasure!
— varinia kolen, via-v
we really LOVE the design! both Joe and I were like – WOW! thank you for making it look so great.
— nadia laurinci, laurinci & company
I don’t consider that you are working FOR us, you are working WITH us. plus, you are good at explaining the rationale behind your choices – it is invaluable!
— marina cherbonnier, ypard